The three-dimensional NC plate bending machine is an automatic NC device for the cold forming of multi-surface shell plates of hulls, and suitable for pressing of such complex dual-curvature hull shell plates as sail shape or saddle shape. It is equipped with a special NC system with a bent plate data conversion communication interface for common shipbuilding design software. It can automatically adjust the shapes of lower dies for bending and pressing according to the shapes of hull shell plates, change in curvature, plate length and thickness, and material strength. During the bending and pressing, the NC system can record the resilience value so as to provide data for subsequent pressing of plates. It has high machining efficiency and precision, and can realize continuous automatic operation for long time. Main technical parameters 1. Maximum yield strength of the steel plate for machining, σs="750" MPa; 2. Thickness of the plates for bending, 6mm to 30mm; plate width, 0.6m to 2m; no restriction on plate length (fed with the carrying idler); 3. Maximum weight of a plate, 8 t; 4. Plate conveying speed ≥3m/min 5; maximum lifting height (from the ground) ≥1000mm.

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